What Do Boob Jobs Have In Common With Abortion?

It’s “elective,” they say, just like “a boob job.” A typical complaint is “I shouldn’t have to pay for someone’s boob job or someone’s abortion.” Never mind tons of us are paying for things we vehemently don’t support (wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, No Child Left Behind Act, etc.)

Compare choosing an abortion to everything from boob jobs to laser hair removal.

Admittedly, some women with ginormous breasts do go under the knife to get a breast reduction because of back pain—those are about as “medically necessary” as boob jobs get. Otherwise, boob jobs in our culture, rightly or wrongly, are considered the province of vain women who care deeply about indulging themselves in beautification. A boob job generally isn’t considered a necessity, it’s considered indulgent. Caring enough about your tits to go under the knife generally implies you’re self-centered.

Is this really how our culture thinks of women who choose to end a pregnancy? That their choice is an indulgent, self-centered one?http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-senators-push-anti-abortion-amendment-for-health-care-reform-bill/