2 Female Teachers Caught Nakey In A Classroom Together

High school talent shows make me want to do many things. Wear earplugs. Break out into hives. Run. But they in no way, shape, or form make me want to take off my clothes. That wasn’t the case for two female teachers at a Brooklyn high school, who a janitor found “undressed” in a classroom together while their students were at a talent show. French teacher Cindy Mauro, 33, was known around the school for dressing super sexy and having lots of tats. Students said married Spanish teacher Alini Brito was pretty and friendly but not outwardly sexy. Hey, opposites attract, right? School officials won’t comment and students aren’t even supposed to bring up the subject in class but that hasn’t stopped them from setting up a Facebook group so they can gossip about this craziness. The teachers are currently being investigated and, in the meantime, have been reassigned. What do you think should happen to them, if anything? [NY Daily News]

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