The Continuing Joy of Rock Star Abs

I’m involuntarily licking my lips, because “Men’s Fitness” has put out a list at least partially covering the best rock star abs of all time. Thanks, guys. This is delicious lunchtime reading, as long as the boss isn’t around. My only complaint is that you missed at least a few. After the jump, let’s look at a few more names that simply can not be left off the list of best rock star abs. [Men’s Fitness]
1. Whenever I think of rockstar abs, Axl Rose, in American flag pants concert springs to mind.
2. Matching, if not surpassing Axl rib for rib, I can’t think of Guns n Roses without thinking of Slash’s guns and abs to match.
3. I know Gwen Stefani’s legs are amazing from all that pogo dancing. Her abs must just be naturally perfect, then.
4. The always beautiful Avril Lavigne has always rocked her bikini wear.
5. The walking eight-pack that is Lenny Kravitz can never, ever be left off a list of perfect celebrity abs.
6. I haven’t seen Kid rock with his shirt off lately, but ooh, do you remember when he was married to Pam Anderson?
7. Steve “Lips” Kudlow, of Anvil infamy, is still rocking a heavy metal body, considering he took a couple decades off to work in the cafeteria food industry before getting his band out on tour again.
8. Hm, if I say Jon Bon Jovi, do I need to say anything more?
9. Henry Rollins, shirtless, has been distracting my train of thought since… Sorry, what was I saying?
10. Finally the appetizing image of Mark Wahlberg in boxer briefs has been tantalizing us for years with the question: if those boxer briefs weren’t so high up on his waist, would he actually be sporting a ten pack?

Be still my heart, but I’m a greedy girl. Can anyone tell me who I missed?