We’re About To Get A Whole Lot More Of Taylor Lautner

Normally, this is a man’s problem. Some pretty young thing, a starlet of the day, Brooke Shields, the Olsen Twins, or Miley Cyrus in a blanket is splashed everywhere, exposed to the full media gaze — gorgeous, nearly naked, and jail-bait. Now, it’s mine.

Taylor Lautner is everywhere. He’s hot. He’s 17. But age doesn’t stop those abs from rippling, and they’re about to ripple over even more into our lives. The youngster is rumored to be the next face of Armani Exchange, following in the footsteps of the fully grown David Beckham. And he’s hosting this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” Check out the promo above.

While “SNL” may rip the lad’s shirt off, the denuding will at least have some healthy tongue-in-cheek humor. A little bit of mockery for the “Twilight” sensation’s lusty fans. Should he appear on the approximately five mile-high billboards Armani is sure to commission, that’s an entirely new issue. Armani takes its sexiness seriously. Taylor’s body is decidedly non-tween and it’s attracting more than the attention of the legal teenage masses. He looks like an old-fashioned man’s man — the sort of hardy aesthetic reserved for actors playing superheroes, James Bond, or homesteaders — but he has the uncorrupted sweetness of youth.

This whole situation is horrible because as manly hot as he is, he’s still just 17. Does anybody else feel like a lech? [In Touch]