Write Your Six-Word 2010 Resolution

Remember ages ago (over a year ago, actually — ancient history in the online world!), we invited you to write your six-word memoirs along with us? Smith Magazine, the people behind the phenomenon of the six-word memoir had just released a book, and this month they’ve got something new up their sleeves. From now until December 24th, they’re running a six-word resolution contest, saying: “Tell us your plans, hopes, dreams, motivations and mistakes you hope not to repeat in 2010 in just six words.” After the jump, check out the Frisky Staff’s six-word resolutions for 2010 and then leave your own in the comments!

“To be a kinder, gentler Annika.” and “To stop fighting with subway commuters.” — Annika
“Do the right thing always, DAMMIT.” — Susannah
“Finish my book. Get her sold.” — Leonora
“Move out of s**tty New Jersey.” — Jessica
“Take a two week tropical vacay.” — Amelia
“Quit slacking. Make good ideas happen.” — Wendy
“Let lame worry go. Have faith!” — Joanne
“Keep at it. Keep on it.” — Ami
“Hang clothes so apartment isn’t messy.” — Catherine