Ice Cream Company Attempts To Sell Ice Cream With Weird, Melting Lady Stuff

Apparently? There’s such a thing as designer ice cream? Kapiti sells ice cream for the “discerning” set (one imagines that if you consume Ben & Jerry’s, you are not discerning), and to hawk their fancy-pants ice cream to the vagina-endowed among us, they created a series of ads featuring lady stuff melting. You know? Like a melting purse? And a melting shoe? Because I know, speaking as a woman, that when I see a melting shoe, the first thing it makes me want to do is eat ice cream. Am I right or am I right? Of the one you see here, Copyranter offers: “it makes me think of hot stinky feet.” And how. Check out the melty-purse one after the jump. [Copyranter]