Kudos To Burger King, For That Whopper Of A Creepy Ad!

Burger King in the UK just debuted the creepiest new ad—it’s called “Shower Cam” and it’s a bizarre union of voyeurism and breakfast sandwiches. Any guy who certifies his age as 18+ can watch a sexy young woman disrobe and “shake her bits to the hits,” i.e. take a shower while warbling off-key to a song like “Love Machine.” It’s tag line is “The World’s First Guilt Free Shower Cam”—a rather creepy headline if you consider all the videos that were taped of ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews naked, without her knowledge. The only thing that’s remotely funny about it all is how the woman’s bikini top is shaped like hamburger buns.I honestly don’t know who should be more insulted by this creepy, sexist-on-all-fronts ad. Ladies, you’re a piece of meat to sell a piece of meat! And boys, you’re such testosterone-crazed animals that boobies can sell you anything. But one thing is for sure: Now that the shower has been thoroughly covered, the next advertisement exploiting women’s bodies will probably take place in a cervix. [Burger King UK Shower Cam, Advertising Age]