Cheapskate: Aeropostale

I’m feeling a little nostalgic as I remember how Aeropostale was the shizznit when I was in high school. The retailer still caters the teen-set with its logo-splattered clothing, but adults like us can still find some necessary basics for cheap, which is how we Cheapskates roll.

Cheapskate: Aeropostale
V-Neck Drape Cardigan, $22.25
Textured Cardigan, $24.75
Solid Thermal Henley, $12.25
PopTrim Crew-Neck Sweater, $22.25
Woven Embroidery V-Neck Top, $12.25
Multi-Stripe V-Neck Sweater, $17.80
Crown Slippers, $8.25
Double Strap Tote, $13
Cable Sweater Bag, $11.80
Weave Strap Watch, $15.80