Back To The ’90s: Odin Launches Unisex Fragrance

Androgynous dressing might be the fashion world’s current obsession, but here’s a reminder that styles are indeed cyclical: The trendy men’s shop Odin has just launched a unisex perfume. At first we thought, here’s another sign that male and female gender aesthetics are continuing to mesh together, but then we reached into the depths of our style memories and recalled the infamous CK One unisex perfume of the 1990s. Perhaps we’re about to see a new beauty trend with neutral colognes? (Although many girls have always been loyal Old Spice customers.) After the jump, some famous unisex fragrances to try out or just jog your nasal memory.

What do you think—would you want to smell just like your boyfriend? Or, would your boyfriend like to smell like you? [The Thread]

CK One, $29.35, Amazon

Hermès Un Jardin Après La Mousson, $55.99,

Benetton’s Hot, $9.74,

Paco Rabanne Unisex, $41.50, Amazon