Are Tila Tequila And Casey Johnson Really Getting Hitched?

Over the years, we have brought you many an odd couple. But this is perhaps one of the strangest and has nothing to do with the fact that both parties involved score very high on the attention-seeking scale. At a party last night, Tila Tequila and Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson showed up together and said that they are engaged. Tila showed off a big ol’ blingy ring and said, “It’s 17-carat diamond ring from my baby. My baby is a billionaire! We are going to make love tonight for our honeymoon.” Wait a second, wasn’t she just all googly-eyed over Ray J? And wasn’t Casey just arrested and accused by her on-again/off-again girlfriend of ransacking a friend’s apartment? Shall we place bets on whether this couple is for real? [NY Post]