Alexander Wang Creates New “Officewear” Line

Not since the 1980s has career-girl fashion been such a bestseller (hello shoulder pads and skirt suits). So is Alexander Wang calling upon ancient trends or trying to create a new market with his pre-fall 2010 collection, a line described as “officewear.” Sure enough, the pieces are a bit more austere and business-like with streamlined boyfriend blazers, tuxedo details, and businessman-inspired pants, all in a muted gray/black palette. Wang has apparently joked that his customers do “work from time to time.” Uh, obviously … the lady dropping $300 on one of his t-shirts is likely working hard for the money (or she’s independently wealthy, there’s that). Although, one of the pieces in this range includes a completely sheer long-sleeved top, modeled by a woman wearing no bra on underneath. If this qualifies as “officewear,” then maybe she’s working hard for some other kind of money. (Kidding, kidding!)

But seriously, folks — officewear? Marketing gimmick? Or emerging field of fashion? []