What Was Your Life Like When You Had Braces?

“When I had braces we danced the night away, and we were really sweaty.”

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted/actually kind of needed braces — as did my brother and sister — but we were way too poor to even think about getting them. Therefore, I thought they were the coolest “accessories” in the world, and would often unbend metal paper clips and try to fashion them into DIY braces. [I did that too! Then I got braces and it sucked. — Editor] So I guess I never quite got the whole negative braceface mentality until we just came across this new blog devoted to vintage pictures of kids with mouthfuls of metal and looking as awkward as it gets, circa junior high and the onset of puberty. OK, yikes, now I get it. And yes, they’re actively taking submissions. [When I had braces…]