Tiger Beat: Relationship Experts Have Whack Advice For Tiger And Elin

Ever since the s**t hit the fan between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, the whole world—and all of Tiger’s mistresses, which is practically the whole world—has something to say about this colossal scandal. US Weekly has gone as far as to get some unsolicited advice from relationship experts for the couple. After the jump, here’s what the best and brightest are advising for this wreck formerly known as a marriage. [US Weekly]

Expert: Dr. Michelle Callahan, psychologist, host of Fox TV’s recent reality show “Wedlock or Deadlock” and author of the book Ms.Typed.
Her Advice: Elin should wait out the storm in the basement before making a move. Protecting herself emotionally and taking some space is key before deciding if this is a marriage she wants to be part of.
Frisky Rebuttal: Translation: Elin should wait for her pre-nup pay day. I say hit the road with your finest rain gear! Sure … $75 mill is hard to turn down, but no amount of money can buy integrity.

Expert: Ruth Houston, infidelity expert, author of Is He Cheating On You: 822 Tell-tale Signs.
Her Advice: Tiger is a sex addict and Elin may want to stay with him while he seeks treatment. It has nothing to do with Elin.
Frisky Rebuttal: Can Tiger join “Celebrity Sex Rehab” mid-season? Wait—didn’t Elin beat Tiger up? P.S. That’s an issue too.

Expert: Dr. David Schnarch, psychologist, sex and marital therapist, author of Intimacy & Desire: Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship
His Advice: Elin should realize that she has a gaping hole in her radar. Now is the time that Elin will show her stripes as either a trophy wife or a woman who upholds her family values.
Frisky Rebuttal: I honestly don’t understand what he’s saying, but I think he wants Elin to take a stand as a money-hungry vagina or a vicious, ball-busting zebra. Isn’t there some reasonable middle ground?

We still think Elin deserves to run off with a new lover. But what do you think Elin should do?