Wife Gives Husband’s Mistress Abortion Pill

They say there’s nothing like a woman scorned, but Brooklynite Kisha Jones’ revenge was criminal and sadistic. When Jones learned her husband Anthony Jones had impregnated Monique Hunter, she allegedly took matters into her own hands to terminate the seven-month pregnancy. Jones reportedly used a stolen prescription pad to prescribe Cytotec, a drug used to terminate pregnancies. She then allegedly used a spoof-calling website (like SpoofCard or PhoneGangster) to pose as someone calling from Hunter’s doctor’s office. Jones told Hunter that the medication would prevent the baby from developing Down syndrome. Hunter took the drug and went into premature labor. The baby, named Anthony Jones Jr., survived, but this devious plot wasn’t the end of Jones’ revenge.Jones allegedly sent a mystery man to the hospital with a toxic white liquid disguised as breast milk, in an effort to kill the baby, cops believe. The hospital staff became suspicious and notified police, whose investigation led them to Jones. She denies any wrongdoing. “I know [Hunter] and I don’t like her, but I wouldn’t hurt a baby like that,” she said to police, according to the prosecutor.

Jones has since been charged with possession of stolen property and a forged instrument and is being held without bail. Police are still looking for the man who delivered the substance to the hospital. [NY Daily News, NY Daily News, Essence.com]