The Justification For $100 Lululemon Sweatpants

Lululemon sweatpants generally run $80 to $130, prices that are probably leaving some of you poised over your keyboards, ready to extol the many virtues of Target and imply that anyone willing to spend $100 on sweatpants more or less deserves eternal damnation. Well, hear me out, because my $100 Lululemon sweatpants are the most sensible piece of athletic-wear I’ve ever bought. They keep their shape, look good almost four years after I bought them and do something altogether magical with my ass, thus justifying their crazy-high price tag every time I wear them. While other sweats have fallen by the wayside, looking like they were mauled by a gang of roving tigers, the Lulu pants look almost identical to the day I laid down a wad of cash for them, showing only the most minimal signs of what I can truly call a mean case of over-wearing. So, yes, that does seem an impractical amount to spend on clothes for the gym and errands, but consider the cheap-o sweats you buy and toss annually and, suddenly, something a little longer-lasting will start to seem like a good idea. Agreed?