MTV Publicists May Be Getting Death Threats Over “Jersey Shore”!

You didn’t have to be Italian to be horrified by “Jersey Shore,” MTV’s new reality show about a summer share house in the Garden State—it’s exactly what you would expect from the eight trashiest 20-somethings they could find, complete with free-flowing alcohol, macho posturing and dumbass nicknames.

But it certainly didn’t matter that producers edited the show so the slurs “guido” and “guidette” appear about 127 times in the very first episode. Unsurprisingly, New York magazine now reports MTV’s publicists are receiving friggin’ death threats, apparently from angry Italian-Americans. “The MTV building in Times Square was getting crazy threats and they are in the process of hiring more security and bodyguards,” they reported. Well, we know those death threats didn’t come from Amelia! [I’m so not horrified that I’ll be liveblogging the show starting this Thursday! — Editor]

Look, I’m not disagreeing with your outrage, angry Italian-Americans. These unfortunate ambassadors of Italian-American culture — Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, Pauly and the others — are all too stupid for words and were clearly putty in producers’ hands. But maybe keep in mind that vowing to kill someone brings to mind yet another stereotype that makes Italians look bad, too—you know, the Mafia. []