Beauty Test Drive: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Shadow insurance? What’s that? According to makeup company Too Faced, it’s a way to prevent fading, creasing, and blurring of your eyeshadow. At first glance, this product might seem like something you wouldn’t really need. After all, do you really have that much of an issue with your eye makeup?

How it works, after the jump!I tried Shadow Insurance out on a normal, low-key makeup day. The liquid formula is a pale skin tone color, and seemed to act as a foundation when first applied, which created a nice matte canvas. I let it set, then applied a shimmery light brown shadow. The way it went on was definitely different—it was as if the eye shadow really stuck to my eyelid, and almost flattened out, as opposed to remaining slightly powdery and sandy. Truly, at the end of the day the intensity of color was still just as present as when I first applied it.

That said, it wasn’t so much of a difference that I feel it would be necessary to incorporate it into my daily makeup routine. However, Shadow Insurance would be mighty useful in a going-out situation where you’re wearing a dramatic eye, and want it to be smudge-proof throughout the evening. You might want to consider using it in your pre-primping for New Year’s Eve! [$17, Sephora]