Are All Athletes As Bad As Tiger Woods?

According to AJ Daulerio over at Deadspin, lots of big-time athletes are probably pissed at Tiger Woods. No, not for cheating on his wife with a billion different women, but because they’re all doing the same thing and have thus far flown (mostly) under the radar. Here is Deadspin’s take on this whole thing: Rachel Uchitel and Kalika Moquin weren’t sleeping with Tiger. (Well, for Uchitel, it may have happened on occasion, but for Moquin, an insider says she’s the “goody-two-shoes of the Vegas nightlife scene.”) No, as VIP concierges, their job is to lure athletes to clubs with VIP rooms stocked with drinks … and loads of hot, young things to the particular athlete’s liking. They’ll go as far as to fly in women from other cities—sometimes to wherever the athlete is traveling—and while the women, of course, aren’t obligated to sleep with the men, the allure of fame and fortune makes it pretty probable that they will. Insiders speculate that Uchitel and Moquin got retainers in the arena of $10 to $15K a month for their services, plus hefty tips and bonuses. This is probably how Tiger met ladies like Jaimee Grubbs and Jamie Junger. “Rachel Uchitel works for Tiger the minute he gets off the plane wherever he is: from dinner, to photos, to nightclubs, to drugs, to girls—whatever he wants,” says an insider. “She knows everybody and everybody knows her. The clubs pay her big money for the clients that she brings in. She’s not a f***ing floozy or nothing. She’s not just some girl that lifts up the velvet rope and sucks guy’s d**ks. She’s the kind of girl that when you talk to her, you know, she’s all business. She’s beautiful, she’s smart and her agenda is to land big clients—not big boyfriends.”

Thus, the urgency in keeping her quiet—because she could spill not just on Tiger but on many others. This does explain the high number of party girls on Tiger’s roster. Though he must get the waitresses on his own, which would explain why Mindy Lawton is the outlier?

In other news, Deadspin actually points to a new possible Tiger mistress—another porn star, Joslyn James, who supposedly talked to a friend about “all the freaky s**t Tiger dug in bed.” They supposedly had been going at it for years. (Don’t worry, I’ll add her to “Tiger’s Mistresses Trading Cards.”)

So what do you think? Does this theory sound plausible to you? [Deadspin]