Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases From Snoop Dogg To 30 Seconds To Mars

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin. And the freshest track is coming from my fave awesome art rock band: The Liars. They’re releasing Sisterworld in March, but you hip, hot Frisky gals can get an mp3 taste of it by heading here! I’ve been basically playing their super awesome song “Scissors” on loop. Now, as for the albums out this week, Snoop Dogg is still the shizneezy. Rapper Gucci Mane fights the law, and wins. Timbaland’s back, trying to make shock waves. 30 Seconds To Mars is flying high on the wings of operatic emo. And We The Kings try to rule tweendom. Are we missing someone? You bet! We’re ignoring Chris Brown’s new record. In light of what he did to our girl Rihanna, we’re not going to support him here. Whew, let’s brush it off ’cause there are some seriously hot jams going on this week. So, let’s get into the groove, after the jump!

Snoop Dogg, Malice N’ Wonderland
Yesssss, girl! Go down the raddest rap rabbit hole with The D-O-double-G.

30 Seconds To Mars, This Is War
Uber dramatic emo sung by the prettiest man on the planet, Jared Leto.

Timbaland, Shock Value II
The sequel is never as good, but we still heart him.

Gucci Mane, The State vs. Radric Davis
Designer rap, with major label musicians like Usher and Lil Wayne backing him up.

We The Kings, Smile Kid
Tween rock you won’t mind listening to with your kid sister.