Would You Put Your Baby In A Pod-Like Case?

The Smart Baby Case pod was designed by Iranian Pouyan Mokhtaran for Samsonite, which tasked designers with developing new and easier ways of traveling with babies. The pod is suitable for everyday travel or disaster scenarios, suggests Mokhtaran, because it has several “safety breath” doors, an air purification unit, a communication system and LED screen, an auto-rocking unit, and custom-fitted foam pads that surround the baby. And the Auto Diaper unit wraps around the baby’s bottom, senses moisture, and gently flushes liquid and solid waste into the waste storage unit — you never have to change a soiled diaper. But there are some serious downsides to the product: You have to empty the waste storage unit periodically and your baby has to remain naked from the waist down. Studies have shown that touch is an important aspect of a baby’s development, something the Smart Baby Case doesn’t seem to take into account. Plus, won’t babies miss out on social interaction if they’re always viewing life through a window? I’m surprised this case doesn’t have a feeding tube that also connects to the baby. What are your thoughts? Is this pod-like case the wave of the future or just another overly protective device? [Impact Lab]