Today’s Lady News: Cops Come To Target Over A Breastfeeding Mom

  • Boobs splashed on the cover of Cosmo? Check! Boobs flopping around in shows like “The Girls Next Door” or movies like “The House Bunny”? Boobs feeding a hungry infant? OUTRAGE! Cops in Harper Woods, Michigan, responded to the scene of a ghastly breastfeeding-mother incident at a local Target. New mom Mary Martinez had been stopped by a security guard while feeding her 4-week-old girl. The security guard said breastfeeding in public was against the law; Martinez and her husband said (correctly) that it wasn’t. The police were called and set the security guard straight. Still, Martinez and her husband left the store embarrassed. “They just made a spectacle and a scene,” Martinez complained. [My Fox Detroit]—Thankfully, Target spoke out to say that nursing moms are, of course, welcome at their stores. Here’s hoping this dumb security guard got fired.

  • The New Jersey State Senate might vote on a gay marriage bill today, a week after New York State voted down a bill which would have allowed same-sex couples to wed. [New York Times]
  • Georgia elected Simone Bell, a black lesbian, as a State Representative. Yes, Georgia actually did this! [Windy City Media Group]
  • Indiana is urging pregnant women to take HIV tests with their “One Test, Two Lives” campaign. Thousands of children in the U.S. have contracted HIV from their moms. [Chicago Tribune]


  • Sexist trend pieces aren’t just for American publications aching to generate media attention! Behold the U.K. version of Marie Claire’s article: “Do All Women Make Bad Bosses?” [Marie Claire UK]
  • Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of a massacre at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, when Marc Lepine shot to death 14 women, to allegedly fight feminism. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Lesbians in South Africa are raped to “correct” their homosexual behavior. Horrifically sad. [Sky News]
  • Muhammad Soboh, a British man, is on trial for allegedly beating his ex-wife, Pauline Knolwes-Sammaraie, to death and then setting her body afire before he wed her daughter. [BBC]