Tiger Beat: Golfer Didn’t Wrap Up His Wood With At Least Two Mistresses

The first rule of cheatingalways use a condom (and hopefully backup birth control). Tiger Woods, kick ass golfer and dentist’s dream (because of that pearly white smile, natch), allegedly was a big ol’ dummy and didn’t wrap up his 5-iron with at least two of the women he allegedly cheated with. Jaimee Grubbs says that she and the married father of two “never discussed” using protection and that he didn’t even ask her whether she was on the pill (which, as we know, would help prevent pregnancy but not STDs). Meanwhile, Mindy Lawton’s sister Lynn says her sister told her Tiger never wore condoms. “I was so worried she might catch a disease, especially as we suspected he was promiscuous.” Uh, ya think? Shame on these ladies for not protecting themselves, but this gets Tiger an even more vigorous finger wag. For starters, he could have knocked any of these women up, which not only busts him for infidelity, but also could have cost him big bucks in the child support department. But far more serious than that is the fact that if he had contracted an STD, he could have given it to his wife, Elin Nordegren — and considering that he was allegedly cheating on her since the beginning of their relationship, he could have also endangered the lives of his young children, who could have contracted something from Elin while in utero. This is just another aspect to this story that, if true, is making us sick. [Us Weekly]