Just Who Is This Social Secretary?

According to the NY Times Style section, Desirée Rogers is changing the face of her position as White House social secretary. But as part of the Obama camp, that shouldn’t be surprising. On paper, she’s supposed to schedule the social events for the President and First Lady, as well as organize the annual White House parties, keeping together a tight, chic and fashionable ship. But with the new regime comes a brand new outlook on normal activities, and Desirée has “Obama-tized” her role. Already, she’s planned 170 events, sat front row at Fashion Week next to Anna Wintour, and given a new life to storied events by inviting gay families to the Easter party as well as culinary students into the White House kitchens.

So just where does this social and innovative social butterfly come from anyway? Over the past few years in Chicago, the Harvard M.B.A. has served as president of Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas and president of social networking for Allstate Financial. She joined the Obama team last January, and immediately took the role in stride, successfully planning events with major media coverage, all while looking calm, and even dressing the part in Comme des Garçons and impressing Robin Givhan, the Washington Post fashion writer, landing a WSJ magazine cover. Right now she’s in the spotlight due to those pesky White House party crashers — as social secretary, could she be to blame? Eh, finger pointing or not, all this scandal is doing is making her more famous. She’s definitely one to watch. [New York Times]