How To Look Like A “Twilight” Star

OK, so I know I’m really late to the party (actually, I once insisted I wouldn’t even show up), but yesterday I found myself at the movie theater, gobbling popcorn, absolutely transfixed by a movie made for teenagers. Taylor Lautner’s insane abs and hokey Harlequin-esque romance moments aside, I couldn’t help but notice how great of a job “New Moon” makeup designer Norma Hill-Patton did, making Bella look fresh as a daisy and natural-looking and, alternatively, the vampires appear as gorgeous and other-worldly as possible. Apparently, creating the illusion of perfect skin is the vital starting point. “Vampires don’t perspire, don’t grow facial hair, don’t get lines and certainly don’t get blemishes, so all the actors required a lot of makeup on their faces for long periods of time,” Hill-Patton explained, via a press release for Dermalogica, the brand of skincare used on set. In the old days, pancake makeup would’ve done the trick. But this is the era of hi-def, people. Here’s how to steal some on-set looks for real life.Skin: As opposed to coating actors’ skin with layers of paint, close-up shots (Stewart’s freckles are visible throughout each steady focus on her near constantly trembling lips) really do require that these kids have perfect-looking skin. I happened to have met with the people at Dermalogica the other day, and I was reminded of how when I used to use their products consistently, I had pretty damn near Twi-perfect skin, too. (Somehow, my regimen got lost along the way. I’m thinking of starting fresh soon.) They advocate using their Precleanse facial wash to get rid of makeup, followed by a more intensive scrub of the pores, like the Daily Microfoliant, which is consistent with advice to wash your face twice that I’ve heard from a number of makeup artists over the years. Intensive Eye Repair and Active Moist were apparently used on cast members to hydrate and plump skin, which helps diminish the look of fine lines, and of course, sunscreen to keep tans from occurring. (I’m a huge fan of their Ultra Sensitive Faceblock SPF 25 because it contains a slight tint to even skin tone but won’t irritate easily irked skin.)

Makeup: There are a number of beauty companies that have capitalized on the whole “Twilight” marketing moment: There’s even an entire Twilight beauty line, which makes use of the color palettes used in the movie, but I’m not convinced you’d have to buy them to recreate the look since it’s pretty basic. Bella’s makeup looks so pretty because it’s ultra simple and consistent: In almost every scene she wears a flattering wash of mauve eye shadow–it seems to range from powder to a glossier cream shade (the latter always looks a tad more natural because it truly sinks into skin). Try Maybelline’s excellent Dream Mousse Shadow in Tranquil Rose with neutral blush and a hint of berry-pink lip stain (obsessed with Mark’s Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint).

And her lashes are always but always curled, which is a pretty standard makeup artist trick to make them look as long and lush as fakes without looking, well, fake. Like I said, pretty standard stuff, but refreshingly pretty.

Of course, as gorgeous as the vampires look — and no one is more jaw-droppingly beautiful than Edward Cullen — white-ish makeup paired with fake contacts and blood-red lips is probably a look best left to the movies. But of all the cheesy “Twilight” spinoff products, the new Lip Venom V is the one that may actually be worth purchasing. First off, plain old LV is awesome if you like a lip plumper that tastes like sweet (but not cloyingly so) and spicy cinnamon. The new one also has a crimson hue which deepens the more you apply it. And whether you’re a fan of teen vamp romances or not (or just edging over, like myself), that aesthetic is definitely very right now.