Giles Deacon’s Capsule Collection Is Still Too Costly

We’ve had a huge crush on (relatively) new kid to the fashion block, Giles Deacon, the London designer who made his mark with an adorable Pac-Man-themed line, and has since been showing innovative delights up and down the runways. His designs have the edgy yet fun sensibility you find in any given Marc Jacobs collection, so we’ve been waiting for the day when Giles really hits the big time, and lands a deal with Target.

Which is why we jumped at the news that Giles Deacon has designed an exclusive capsule collection for high-brow online store The Corner. However, we quickly learned our lesson in getting hopes up too soon, when we realized that “capsule” doesn’t necessarily mean “less expensive.” The three-piece family, which includes a strapless dress, a full-bodied skirt, and a bow blouse, showcases Giles creative thinking in structure, but falls short on the imaginative colors and humor Deacon is known for. What’s worse—the “cheapest” item starts at about $800. We’re begging you, bring us something we non-filthy rich folks can wear! []