German Tabloid Newspaper Erects Giant Penis Sculpture Of Rival Editor

It sounds like our “Tabloid Cheat Sheet” would be much more fun to write in Berlin. Two rival tabloids, the left-wing Tageszeitung (or Taz) and the “highly profitable” (is that the opposite of left-wing?) Bild have a rather hostile relationship, which has resulted in Taz putting a sculpture on the side of its building showing Bild’s editor, Kai Diekmann, nude except for some slippers. And, uh, his wang spans five floors. Apparently, the art is viewable from the Bild offices and refers to a satirical piece Taz printed in 2002 which claimed that Diekmann had been the victim of genital-enhancement surgery gone awry. But not everyone at Taz thinks it’s funny. The new editor-in-chief isn’t psyched about seeing what he calls “a 6-meter-long schlong” every morning, calling it a “pathetic provocation.” But he also doesn’t want to appease Diekmann by taking it down. I’m no expert on boys, but something tells me that there are worse things you can do to a man than joke about his giant penis. And what about the kinder (children)? Just because they’re German, doesn’t mean they should grow up being exposed to scarily massive manhood at every turn. [Newser]

Tags: weird news