How To Sell Clothes To Second Hand Stores

Just this morning, I hauled three garbage bags to the Goodwill instead of trying to sell the clothes, because they’ve been taking up valuable space in my apartment and the hassle is just not worth it sometimes. You see, I’ve tried the whole cash for clothes deal at stores like Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange, but most times, the effort put out is much less than the reward. If I knew these tips for reselling clothes, I might have had a different outlook on the situation. Check out a few ways to ensure you’ll get more money back for your beloved castoff clothing:

  • Research the store so you know just what to sell them. Obviously a store that caters to teens won’t be accepting business attire.
  • Get rid of the trendy items as soon as possible. Because no matter how designer label they are, once they’re out of style, no one else wants to buy them either.
  • Match the clothing to the season. Everyone’s looking for shorts in summer and coats in winter, not the other way around.
  • Wash and fold your clothes! Appearance is everything in fashion.