“Sexy” Nativity Scene In Shop Window Pisses Off L.A.

The people of Los Angeles have their panties in a knot after Madison, a clothing store on Robertson Boulevard, scoffed at good taste and depicted a “sexy nativity scene” in their store windows. The Virgin Mary lies in the hay with her legs provocatively posed, the baby Jesus sits nestled in her lap, and the pair is surrounded by wise men. All are wearing items from the store, of course! “The way they have presented Mary in a very provocative position with a baby in her crotch, and that baby is supposed to be Jesus … no,” said one woman who complained to KTLA-TV. An unidentified group of people who work across the street supposedly asked for the “sexy nativity scene” to be taken down, but to no avail. Sure, it’s offensive to depict religious icons in a “sexy” way, but it is well within Madison’s First Amendment rights to depict the Virgin Mary doing body shots off one of the wise men if they feel like it. Angelenos can just ignore this publicity stunt and “vote with their dollars” someplace else. Hey, I hear the Kardashian sisters have a clothing boutique. And I bet they’re pissed off they didn’t think up this “sexy nativity scene” themselves! [KTLA.com]