Sarah Palin Says She’s A Birther

Sarah Palin’s still mad about the whole “Trig is not her son” conspiracy. She knows what came out of her vagina on American soil! If she runs for prez in 2012 (please let Carrie Prejean be her running mate), she said she would “reverse that and use the same type of thinking on the other one.” By “reverse” I think she means “get revenge,” by “the other one” I think she means Obama, and by “type of thinking” I think she means conspiracy theories. I.e. she’s not so sure that Obama was born on American soil. During a radio interview this week she admitted that she supports the “birthers” who question the authenticity of Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate. Yeah, because that state is always making births up? She also criticized McCain’s campaign for not making enough of an issue about it during the election. But if perchance she does campaign in 2012, she won’t really have to bring it up because people “still want answers.” That’s right, Sarah. The best way to combat one conspiracy is with another one. Oh … and the American public would like to see the video of Trig coming out of your American vagina. You know. As proof. [Newser]