Can Redheads Rock Red Lips?

Check out Christina Hendricks and Nicole Kidman, two of Hollywood’s more famous redheads. Now, look at their red, red lips. What do you think; do the red lip shades they choose work with their red hair? The jury is still out for me on Christina. (What do you think? Does it work?) But I think Nicole nailed this particular redhead/red-lipstick moment. I’m sure you’ve heard at some point the old idea that redheads can’t wear red anything (lipstick, dresses, etc.), but it’s actually total crap. What does apply to red lips and red hair is also the same rule that goes for wearing makeup of any kind, across the board—you have to take into consideration your skin tone, hair color and feature shapes. How does Nicole get her red lip so right? The general rule with red lipstick is if your complexion is pinky, you’ll look better in plum shades, while girls with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base. And with redheads it gets a bit more specific: It’s actually best to look to your shade of hair for guidance—red hair either has an orange or a blue base. If you have orange-y red hair, go with the warmer-colored lipstick with brown in it, and if you have darker, cooler hair, go with the blue-based lipstick, as Nicole did.