Tiger Beat: Rachel Uchitel May Be Well Acquainted With Tiger’s Wood, After All

Remember when Rachel Uchitel swore that she’d only met Tiger Woods twice, casually through work, and said, “The whole thing’s a lie. It’s just stupid,” in reference to the rumors of their affair? JUST KIDDING. Now she says she really was involved with him, and she’ll be holding a press conference today at 2:30 p.m. to tell us all about it. Huh, that turnaround didn’t take long, did it? TMZ is reporting that Tiger and Rachel were texting on Thanksgiving, and when Elin asked Tiger whom he was talking to, a fight allegedly broke out. Elin grabbed the phone and called Rachel, which led to the golf club wielding, which led to the car accident. And RadarOnline.com is saying that when Tiger and Rachel were in Australia at the same time—which Rachel claimed was just a coincidence—he actually paid for the vacay. [NY Post]

**Updated** This press conference has been cancelled. What is going on here?