If You Wanna Know If He Loves You So, It’s In His … Feet

If you want to know how someone’s really feeling about you, look down. No, not down there! All the way down. A new study (commissioned by a shoemaker, Jeffrey West, natch) claims that our feet, more so than our eyes and facial expressions, reveal what’s going on inside our heads. People are more conscious of how their face looks and thus they try to control it. After the jump, how to read feet.

  • Women who are impressed with a dude will move their feet in his direction. Hopefully, they don’t smell.
  • Note to men: if her feet are crossed or tucked away, she’s not interested.
  • People who keep their feet really, really still are likely liars. No, not tired or relaxed … BIG FAT EFFING LIARS!
  • When men are nervous they move their feet around a lot. Surprise!
  • But nervous women keep them really still. The question is—how do you tell a nervous woman from one who’s telling a whopper?

[Daily Mail UK]

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