Shun, Shag Or Marry: Notorious Cheating Athletes

Scandaltastic politicians aren’t the only ones who run around on their wives. These days, it seems every dude who makes a buck or two has to go gallivanting off into the night while his wife is asleep in bed. Don’t get offended, boys, I’m only stereotyping a little. Sadly, athletes seem to be some of the worst offenders. Maybe it’s all that testosterone or their obsession with scoring? Either way, all this Tiger Woods drama has reminded us that athletes are notorious for running around. But don’t fret, Tiger, you’re in good company … with Alex Rodriguez and Kobe Bryant, that is. After the jump, which of these players (pun!) we’d shun, shag and marry. Shun:
Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a 19-year-old in 2003 in a hotel room in Colorado. Bryant, who was married at the time, claimed the sex was consensual. Later, there was a bunch of confusion about whether the girl was after money or if she had, in fact, been raped. Some said she bragged about the encounter while others said she was traumatized. Eventually, after over a year, the case was dropped. But for us, Bryant still isn’t off the hook. Not only did he cheat, he did so with someone much younger and under questionable circumstances. Even if he wasn’t guilty of rape he is guilty of really, really nasty behavior and for that he gets shunned.

I’m going to begrudgingly shag Tiger Woods because at least he hasn’t been accused of rape. However, this raunchy dude cheated on his model wife, Elin Nordegren, with socialite Rachel Uchitel, club promoter Kalika Moquin, cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs and who knows how many others while allegedly paying Elin to stay with him. Hmm, you know when I’m choosing to shag a loser like this the pickings are slim.

OK, Alex Rodriguez, we can get married, I guess. True, you have been accused of taking steroids more times than I can count and you allegedly cheated on your ex-wife, Cynthia, with Madonna. However, I think I can get past these, err, transgressions because if you’re going to cheat, might as well be with someone legendary, like the Material Girl. Plus, you seem to have settled down and are officially with Kate Hudson now. So just get rid of her and propose, OK?