How Typical: I’ve Been Gaining Weight Since Getting Married

Before my wedding this past July, I did a lot of cliché things that many other brides-to-be all over the world do. I fretted over the guest list, stressed over what to wear and how to do my hair, and worried endlessly over correct etiquette. One thing I didn’t get too worked up about was losing weight. It’s not that it wasn’t on my mind — getting fit was certainly something I thought about — I just honestly didn’t do much to get there. I’ve always been a stress eater and planning a wedding sent me running for all the comfort food (and booze) I could find. It wasn’t until a few weeks before the wedding when I worried I might not be able to squeeze into my dress that I joined a yoga studio and hit the mat about four times a week. Luckily, with the help of those last-minute workouts and a special Spanx-like undergarment, everything worked out. Since then, though, I’ve relaxed back into my unhealthy habits and started “letting myself go.” Apparently, I continue to be a cliché even after the wedding. The Daily Mail reports today that, like me, “twenty-two percent of newlyweds put on weight within a year of the ceremony,” with the average weight gain being around 20 pounds. Twenty pounds! Holy cow (no pun intended), that’s a lot. In a study of 3,000 women, some of the newly married wives said they gained weight because they no longer felt motivated by a wedding to stay in shape. Others said they over-indulged on their honeymoon, 22 percent say they no longer felt the need to impress their significant other, a full quarter admitted to over-eating as a way to cheer themselves up because they were so upset the wedding was over, and, get this, 31 percent said they overindulge because they simply don’t know what else to do with themselves now that there’s no longer a wedding to plan. None of those reasons really describe my situation, except maybe the honeymoon one, but come on, that was a two-week trip taken over three months ago; I don’t think I can continue to use that excuse.

No, I think I fall in the camp of 42 percent who have simply gotten too relaxed with their new husbands. It’s not that I don’t want to impress Drew anymore or, you know, feel good for myself; it’s just that right now feeling good means living it up with my new husband over burgers and beer and half-price pitchers of margaritas during happy hour. To his credit, Drew joined a gym shortly after we returned from our honeymoon and he’s been going at least a couple times a week. But, me? Well, I still belong to the yoga studio, but I’ve become the Queen of Excuses for missing classes. My newest excuse is that I don’t like the neighborhood the studio is in, which, um, happens to be my neighborhood.

All you married ladies, is this something you went through when you were newly wed? I’ve always been pretty good about keeping up with my workouts, but lately I seem to need extra motivation. Any advice for finding it?

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