Chest Hair Is Back With A Vengeance

They say everything old is new again and that’s not just for leg warmers and neon … male chest hair is back from the ’70s with a vengeance! (The cutesy term for chest hair is “heavage,” but that sounds like what happened after I drank four shots of vodka for the first time.) The popularity of deep V-necks and scoop-neck tops in men’s fashion is to blame, apparently, and the Wall Street Journal says these clothes plus tufts of man fur offer “blatantly sexual … studly swagger.” Hmm, unless you like half-nekkid pics of Ed Westwick—and who doesn’t, really?—one wouldn’t really know chest hair is back “in” throughout most parts of the country. It’s December.

Anyway, all men who take up with this “trend” of brandishing chest hair out the top of V-necks should be warned! If your lady friend complains, painful manscaping, à la Ashton Kutcher in this YouTube video, is in your future. [Wall Street Journal]

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