A New Way To Wax … Your Clothes?

Being a girly girl during winter is never fun. Seriously, when did tights ever become a “cold-weather fashion staple”? Do they do anything to keep you warm? No. So you have two options—shiver and bear it or pile on the layers, abominable snowman-style. Or, you can try waxing your clothes. Wait, what? Greenland Wax, from the company Fjällräven (100 bucks to whomever can pronounce that), is an old-school product that’s been favored for ages by hikers and outdoorsmen. How you use it: apply a layer of the wax evenly to a garment (but not silk or cashmere), then heat it with an iron or blow dryer to create a waterproof seal. Good for rain, yes, but it’s also advertised as “impregnation for your garments,” meaning that it wind-proofs your clothes as well. (It doesn’t get them pregnant, if that’s what you were thinking.) When the cold weather has gone, all you have to do is throw your waxed product in the wash, and it’s back to normal.

Sounds kind of crazy, right? But honestly, we’d try anything to not freeze our asses off on New Year’s Eve. [Nylon Mag]