Tiger Beat: Who Are Jaimee Grubbs And Kalika Moquin?

As another hour goes by, more of Tiger Woods’ alleged sexploits have come to light. Us Weekly has a source saying that in August, Tiger took a blonde and brunette, one on each arm, back to his room at a New York casino. Another informant tells the mag shortly before that Woods had his hand up a woman’s skirt at an Orlando bar. [NY Post]

But two possible mistresses are starting to get a lot of attention—Jaimee Grubbs (left), who went public yesterday saying that she had a 31-month affair with the Tig and has more than 300 text messages to prove it, and Kalika Moquin (right), a club marketing manager who reportedly hooked up with Woods but is keeping her mouth shut about the whole thing. So who are these women? Read on.JAIMEE GRUBBS

  • Jaimee hails from California, is 24, and works as a cocktail waitress.
  • She claims to have met Tiger in April 2007, on a trip to Vegas. She says he sidled up to her at a club and said, “You don’t look like you’re having any fun.” [NY Daily News] They ended up going up to his room for “dinner.” Jaimee says, “He just grabbed me and kissed me, and we started taking our clothes off and had sex.” [NY Post]
  • Jaimee is a reality TV “star.” Earlier this year, she brought her boyfriend Shawn Southern on “Tool Academy,” a competition show where jerky guys are tricked into a boot camp to teach them to be better boyfriends. Jaimee complained that Shawn treated her like arm candy and showed little to no interest in who she actually is.
  • While on the show, Jaimee supposedly talked up her exploits with Tiger Woods, allegedly even on camera. “We all knew about Jaimee’s affair with Tiger Woods because she told us,” castmate Aida Menaska told Radar Online. “I guess they cut it out because VH1 didn’t want to cause problems for Tiger Woods and his wife.” [Fox NY]
  • Jaimee says that she and Tiger were scheduled to have a tryst in February, which is when his wife gave birth. “He couldn’t make it because of a ‘family issue,'” she said.
    “My mom knew about the affair and told me to check the news.” [NY Post]


  • This 27-year-old hails from Missoula, Montana, and moved to Vegas to try to make it in the club promoting world. She says walking into the nightclub Rain gave her the ultimate thrill. “The feeling I got when I first walked in through that tunnel was unbelievable,” she says. “I still get chills when I go there.” She is currently the club manager at The Bank at the Bellagio hotel. [Club Planet]
  • She’s a huge fan of country music. “I think I own every single country song ever written, ever,” she says. [Club Planet]
  • Like Rachel Uchitel, she hobnobs with a lot of celebrities. Her MySpace profile pic shows her chilling with Fergie. [MySpace]
  • She allegedly had been seeing Tiger for a few months. A source says they saw the pair making out the weekend of October 23rd. “They’ve hooked up a bunch of times,” says said expert. “Tiger told Kalika that married life isn’t all it’s built up to be. He said he wasn’t happy in his marriage or his home life and that there was just so much pressure on him.” [Huffington Post]
  • But Kalika herself isn’t saying a word. “It’s not appropriate for me to comment one way or the other,” she said. “At this time, I’m just choosing to focus on my job.” [NY Post]

Now … who will come out of the woodwork next?