How To Get A Butt Like A Victoria’s Secret Model

It goes without saying that being a model for Victoria’s Secret requires strict beauty and fitness regimens. But not even that rigorous upkeep is enough to make her runway-ready—New York magazine reports that makeup artists then need to beautify her butt. Apparently, each girl gets 20 (20!) layers of makeup on her derrière and is attended to by as many as five artists. [NY Mag]

So what exactly is butt makeup? Let’s discuss …We weren’t sure, although best guess would be some type of heavy-duty foundation. [I’ve been backstage at the show before — it’s basically layers of spray tan, pancake makeup, and spray foundation, powder and shimmer. — Editor] But is there a company that specializes in butt cosmetics?

Here’s the closest product we found, the “Butt Lift in a Box”:

A combination of exercises and massage lotions promises you a “perkier posterior.” Riiiight. In all seriousness, if you want your behind to look a bit nicer, your best bet is 10 lunges a day and a spray tan. [New Beauty]