Today’s Lady News: NY Same-Sex Marriage Bill Fails, But Senator Gives An Amazing Speech In Favor

  • The District of Columbia legalized same-sex marriage yesterday … [L.A. Times]
  • … but today, New York’s State Senate voted down a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. Extreme disappointment. The only good thing to come out of the vote was this rousing, passionate, and impressive speech — above — in favor of passing the measure, by NY Senator Diane Savino. It’s funny, as well as moving and worth watching all 7.5 minutes. [New York Times]

  • The Call & Post, a weekly newspaper in Cleveland, depicted black State Senator Nina Turner as “Aunt Jemima” in an op-ed cartoon. The symbol of “Aunt Jemima” from the syrup bottle is a pejorative one, generally referring to a black woman who is trying very hard to please white people. []—Wow, that’s some pretty balls-out racism there.
  • Makeup has been banned on Iran’s state television. Because makeup is slutty or something? [Washington Post]
  • Hope Witsell, a 13-year-old middle school girl who “sexted” with a boy she liked by taking a photo of her breasts and sending it to him via text message, committed suicide after the photo made its way around her school and the local high school. Allegedly, it was not the boy who forwarded the photo but another girl who asked to see the photo of Hope on the boy’s phone and then forwarded it. School officials suspended Hope for one week (um, was the girl who passed around the photo suspended, too?) and her parents confiscated her phone and grounded her. However, according to numerous reports, when she returned to school, students frequently called Hope a “slut” and a “whore.” A school counselor requested Hope sign a “no-harm contract” after observing self-cutting marks on her legs. The very next day, Hope hung herself. Way to slut-shame a 13-year-old girl, everybody. RIP, Hope. [St. Petersburg Times]
  • Six individuals charged with gang-raping a 15-year-old girl outside a homecoming dance in Richmond, California, on Oct. 24 have pleaded not guilty. Three of the suspects are teenagers—ages 15, 16 and 17—who will be tried as adults. Police believe as many as 10 people may have participated in the rape, while as many as 20 watched. [New York Times]
  • 2009 is the year of women not taking any crap from men, if the alleged actions of Elin Nordegren, Jenny Sanford, Taylor Swift, and the fictional Betty Draper are any indication! [The Daily Beast]
  • Nickel & Dimed author Barbara Ehrenreich wrote an inspired op-ed in The Los Angeles Times about her personal experience with breast cancer, the recent controversy about mammograms for women under 50, and how the feminist movement discusses health. [L.A. Times]
  • Business Insider has ranked the 12 most powerful women in digital media. At the very top? Marissa Mayer at Google. Hmm, maybe our editor Amelia will be included next year. [Business Insider]


  • Susan Boyle has set a record for first week sales of a female debut album. Boyle’s album, “I Dreamed A Dream,” also set a record for the highest-selling debut in U.K. history. [BBC]
  • In Poland a small study of brain scans has shown scientists how men and women respond differently to the threat of danger. Men’s brains showed activity in the part where choices about avoidance vs. confrontation are made, while women’s brains showed activity in the part of the brain that deals with emotions. [BBC]
  • Imelda Marcos, famous for possessing a ridic number of shoes and for being the widow of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, announced she will run for Congress in the Philippines next year. [New York Times]
  • Egyptian officials are struggling to confront how to deal with sexual harassment, such as groping, which occurs during holy feasts this time of year, when teenagers and young adults are out in public unsupervised. Women who report being harassed are often not taken seriously by police or are accused of provoking the behavior, regardless of the fact that many of them wear veils in public. [L.A. Times]
  • Police in Australia are searching for eight teenagers and men who allegedly gang-raped two 15-year-old girls in a park in Melbourne. []

In Today’s Lady News yesterday, we learned “Saturday Night Live” hired another female writer and a gay rights supporter in California is trying to ban divorce to make a statement about protecting so-called “traditional marriage.”