How Do These 10 Guys Score So Much With The Ladies?

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In what kind of backwards world does a playboy dork like Zach Braff score a ravishing hottie like Liv Tyler? According to today’s Tabloid Cheat Sheet, Liv — the star of one of my most favorite coming-of-age/virginity loss movies ever, “Stealing Beauty” — has been seen canoodling with the goofy “Scrubs” star. But-but-but! I sputtered inwardly. He’s a goon! He goes through young brunette starlets like a fat kid in a candy store. Mandy Moore! Isabel Lucas! Even, maybe Natalie Portman, his “muse” for “Garden State.” Sigh. But Zach is just one of many “ladies’ men” who seem to get play from the hottest chicas in Hollywood, even though I would not give them the time of day. Keep clicking for more and let me know about any I may have missed. (For the record, I considered Adam Levine, Jared Leto, and Benicio Del Toro, but I would totes bone ALL of them.)
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