Erin’s Style Diary: Wednesday

What I’m Wearing Today:

Well, it’s too bad I wear all black most of the time, because it’s quite difficult to photograph without professional assistance. Sooo based on this picture, you probably think I’m walking around this piece looking like Lady Gaga today. Here’s the real deal: The cocoon jacket is somewhat billowy, but when you put your arms down, it drapes and gathers nicely (not as dramatic-looking), has tight sleeves for contrast and definition, and it’s made of the softest, comfiest sweatshirt material ever. It’s also sold out at the moment, but maybe Wal-Mart will restock. We’ve been pretty crazy about Norma Kamali’s line there ever since it dropped–it’s so cheap, shipping is a breeze, and everything is shockingly well-made. Anyhoo, the sweatshirt-y piece is a great way to make a mini-dress (this one has cute zipper embellishments) more daytime-friendly, though I’m pretty sure 98 percent of workplaces would not consider this getup “office appropriate.”