Woman Getting Married: Do I Have To Wear His Grandmother’s Wedding Band?

So … we spent the Thanksgiving holiday down in Florida with my folks, which meant Future Husband got a big “welcome to the family” glimpse of how the holidays with MY family works: lots of kids (there were no less than 8 kids under the age of 8 on T-day), lots of wine, and lots of sports. Minus the kids part, it was basically just like every Sunday at our house. Overall, we had an awesome time, which was great. On Thanksgiving, FH made the obligatory call to his family and made the rounds with all the relatives at his parents’ house. His grandpa, whom I’ve met and is super sweet, wished him congratulations on our engagement and also wanted to make an offer: He wanted to give us his wedding band and the wedding band of his wife (FH’s grandma), who passed away awhile ago.

I just want to start off by saying how sweet this sentiment is. I can fully appreciate how thoughtful it is. With that said, I’m just not sure how I feel about it.

The main reason I do not want to accept/wear FH’s deceased grandmother’s wedding band is because I never met her. She was not someone I’ve bonded with or have shared anything with before. To wear something so personal from someone you do not know, but probably should, just feels weird. It would be one thing if MY grandma gave me her wedding band to wear … I would consider wearing that. But I wouldn’t expect FH to wear my grandfather’s band, especially since he has also passed away and FH never got to meet him (I didn’t either, for that matter).

Also, and I know this sounds bad, but I have a thing about wearing dead people’s jewelry. Especially a stranger. I mean, if my grandma passed away, I’m sure I would wear her jewelry, but it would creep me out to wear something that was taken off a dead person’s body, especially someone I’ve never met.

Am I wrong for not wanting to accept it? Do I just have to shut up and wear it?