The New Blood Of “True Blood”

The skies are blue, HBO’s hit vampire show is true, and a few casting notices buzzing around the net have me cornier than springtime in December. I just can’t help myself. New characters on Alan Ball’s sexy, gruesome series, “True Blood,” probably mean new romantic interests for some of our favorite Bon Temps residents. While I personally love the idea of Lafayette finding a little romance, fans might be worried about new story lines pulling our attention away from our original heroes.

Worries be damned, I say. Here are the new faces you’ll be seeing on “True Blood” next season. Sam’s getting a filthy, feral family, including a foxy little brother to be played by Marshall Allman of “Prison Break.” I kinda want to see him cook at Merlotte’s with Lafayette, though La’s little cousin, Tara, may let the lycanthropic lad find his own way to damnation. We all know, though, that Marshall’s shapely behind isn’t going to be left out of his story line, no matter what shape it takes. And I’m OK with that.

The big casting flap that has all the Bill Compton fans in a lather, though, is that another “Prison Break” alum, Shannon Lucio, will be reprising the role of Caroline, Bill’s Civil War-era wife from his human life. Although the role is being called a guest spot, is the story going to go the route of an extended flashback or is Sookie about to face a romantic rival — one who bore Bill’s children then and could suck her blood out now — for Bill’s attention?

Grant Bowler, of “Lost” and “Ugly Betty” fame, is also rumored to have landed an unspecified role on the show. He’s probably not old enough to play Sam’s slovenly father and he’s not “intensely beautiful” enough to be the new vampire who may be called Talbot, but there are rumors about another vampire named Franklin, a probably-human preacher, and a whole gang of biker thugs, with a special role for their ringleader. Which role would you pick, if you could choose?