Shun, Shag, Or Marry? This Month’s Blockbuster Directors

It was a super hot week for Hollywood blockbusters and, more importantly, their directors. Too bad they don’t get any actual screen time. Peter Jackson was the lord of the red carpet at the “Lovely Bones” premiere. Yep, the man seriously went from hobbit to hot. Who knew what was hiding under all that facial hair and those 70 extra pounds? While all the tweens were swooning over “New Moon,” I was dreaming about sinking my teeth into director Chris Weitz. Were you aware of his dreaminess? And of course, my long-time director crush, Wes Anderson, was looking fantastic as always at the premiere of “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” If I must choose, here’s who I’d shun, shag, and marry. Shun: I suppose I’d have to shun Peter Jackson simply because I’m not into all that Dungeons and Dragons stuff. (Please don’t sick Golum on me, sci-fi fans!) Plus, what if he decides to grow that awful beard back or his new stylist or trainer goes on vacation? I just don’t think I could handle it.

Shag: Hello, Chris Weitz. Let’s get it on! Edward Cullen who? Chris looks hot behind a camera—he’s a dead ringer for Christopher Reeves. He’s British. He went to Cambridge. His father was a fashion designer and novelist. All of these qualities suggest one thing: he’s most likely an uppity egomaniac. But that doesn’t mean I’d kick him out of bed. Not a chance.

Marry: I do, Wes Anderson! So, I’ve watched all of his films (“The Royal Tenenbaums” is my fave) and his winning combination of wit, humor, and cynicism are simpatico with mine. Oh, and did I mention his stellar taste in music? I predict a long life of quirky, intellectual companionship and I like it. Wait—is he single?