Erin’s Style Diary: Tuesday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Comme Des Garcones for H&M men’s cardigan
  • Vivienne Westwood dress
  • black tights
  • vintage ankle boots

I’ve craved something, anything, by Vivienne Westwood for a long time, but it’s very hard to find her stuff in the U.S., and when it’s available, it’s stupid expensive. I scored some of her bondage pants on eBay earlier this year, but they were a little too crazy looking–even for me–so I ended up dumping them at Buffalo Exchange. But I recently wandered into this cute store in my neighborhood called TG-170 and they had this dress on sale, in my size, so I decided to splurge and wear it as a holiday dress this year. I’m going to a party after work, but I thought throwing a sweater over it made it more work-appropriate. Also, one of my legs is not shorter than the other, even if it may look that way in this picture. Sheesh.