Doin’ It With Dr. V: How To Strip According To Burlesque Bombshell Little Brooklyn

This week, New York’s finest has agreed to let us in on her secrets. Little Brooklyn, the red hot striptease superstar of new burlesque, really puts the hip in hypnotizing! She’s taught me everything I know about dancing your way into someone’s pants and she’s sharing her tips on titillation with you too, after the jump! Do you have the moves that drive ‘em wild? Well, Little Brooklyn is sure you do, hot stuff! She’s here to tell you, in her own words, her five simple rules for applying your assets so you can shake it like a Polaroid picture burlesque bombshell!

  1. Have Fun: This seems like a given, but all too often I see people taking stripping way to seriously. Be fun, be flirty. Unless you are going for an “oooh, I’m so bad” kinda vibe, keep wearing a smile, even when you’ve got nothing else on.
  2. Forget The Choreography: I’m no fan of the “crawl, 2, 3, 4, swing hair, 2, 3, 4, mount chair, 2, 3, 4″ school of strip. Especially when you can see someone thinking more about what comes next then what feels good. Listen to the music and cliché be damned — go with the flow. You gotta feel it if you want him to.
  3. Tease ‘Em N’ Please ‘Em: Whether you are about to expose an entire leg or just the itsy-bitsiest tip of your toe, treat it like it’s a special event. Take your sweet time building up that reveal and you’ll show ‘em you’re worth waiting for. I have seen a whole room of people sitting at the edge of their seats in anticipation of just a peek of a performer’s face as she kept it hidden behind a hat.
  4. Give Props: Look around the room to see if there are any props you can add to your dance. Lean, sit or hang on walls, stairs and furniture to add dimension to your routine. Use something other than your hand to take off a garment. Playfully tickle an item up your body. Explore the various textures and weights of each article of clothing as you remove it. Pull, rub and coax it off you. Let your movements having him noticing how weighty fabrics can be draped across you or how light fabrics flutter around. And be in control of each piece; toss it off with intent.
  5. Look At Your Audience: Don’t look at your feet. They are where they should be — or not. It’s really not as important as connecting with whom you’re performing for. Even if you are just practicing dancing for yourself — get in front of a mirror and make some eye contact. Don’t be afraid of you. You are quite nice. Unless you are “oh so bad.” Grrrrr!

After reading her advice, I totally turned my apartment upside down trying to find creative props to take off my clothes with. And, next time I put on a private show, I’m going to use my toy gun (left over from a cowgirl Halloween costume) I uncovered to slip off my bra straps … wish me luck! Hope my next BF likes his striptease Wild West-style. Big thanks to the ballsiest broad in burlesque for sharing her insider info!

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