Design Your Own Wardrobe With StyleShake

Have you ever wanted a custom-made dress, one that fits you like a glove, but thought you’d never be able to afford it? Well, the fashion gods have smiled down on you. The website StyleShake allows customers to create their own designs of dresses, tops, and skirts, and ten days after the time of purchase the one-of-a-kind garments arrive. You can even create bridesmaid dresses in that same amount of time. [Which should make for some interesting innovations in that field!–Editor] If the fit isn’t right, StyleShake does free alterations. The available fabrics include silk, cotton, linen, and even eco-jersey. Those are my creations above, but I don’t have any plans to quit my day job. (I did have fun playing around with the design tools and think it’s a great way to pass the time when you’re bored.) My only issue with StyleShake is that all the sleeves, necklines, and bottoms aren’t available for every design. You can’t pick, say, a sweetheart neckline unless you pick a specific type of top in the beginning. You kind of have to play around and use some trial and error, but I guess that’s where the amusement factor comes in. The most expensive garment in my collection was the dress with the sleeves, and it only cost $114. [StyleShake]