10 Things You Didn’t Know (You Wanted To Know) About Jesus Luz

A year ago, 21-year-old Jesus Pinto na Luz (that’s his full name) was a sizzling Brazilian fashion model, pulling in $500 a day, and assigned to a high-profile photo shoot for W magazine with a very famous co-star. Jesus played the uber-sophisticated lover of his fellow Rio hotel patron, Madonna, who saw something special in the young hunk. His agent said that he sent Jesus to the shoot and hasn’t seen him since.

Today, Jesus is a sizzling hot, blindingly expensive fashion model and new D.J., with an asking price in the tens of thousands of dollars — thanks to an unspoken chance that girlfriend Madonna might accompany Jesus along to any of his assignments. It’s a gamble that many seem willing to take, and so the public is quickly getting to know a lot more than we thought we would want to know about Jesus Luz. Like …

  1. He went to DJ school, Dubspot, and started gigging almost immediately for five-digit paychecks, with his second show ever taking in about $15,000.
  2. The newly trained DJ has mixed two of his own songs. One is called “We Come From Light.” Luz means light in Portuguese, FYI.
  3. His former agent in Brazil, Sérgio Mattos, thinks he’s a magician who can disappear: “I sent him to the job and after that he changed phone numbers and I never see him again.” David Copperfield, watch out!
  4. He had a teenage job selling surfboards in Ipanema.
  5. His parents are a hairdresser and a clerk.
  6. He think it’s funny that gossip mags claim that Madonna pays him an allowance. So … not true?
  7. He works out five or six times a week. Which means Madonna thinks he’s a total p**sy.
  8. He studied Buddhism, yoga and Kabbalah, apparently, before he even met Madonna.
  9. When he met Madonna, who also studies Kabbalah, she had been divorced from director Guy Ritchie for a month.
  10. He doesn’t talk about his girlfriend. “Let them come to their own conclusions,” Jesus says. Oh, we will.

You had me at “works out five or six times a week,” Jesus. [NY Times]