Wild Tights To Keep You Hot & Sexy All Winter Long

zebra tights 112909 g jpg
“Pant” is the only four-letter word I do not use. Just the thought of sticking my gams into the two-pronged monster called “pants” sends chills down my spine. I mean, I like the way they look on other people; they’re just not for me. Maybe it’s PTSD from trying to squeeze all 43” of my butt into some black uniform band pants back in middle school, but I haven’t worn a pair since then. Rain, sleet, snow, temperatures so low I risk frostbite on my lady flower — doesn’t matter. A gal like me, well, I keep warm with gentlemen and tights. In fact, as I’m writing this very post, I’m waist deep in a hot pink zebra plus-sized pair from WeLoveColors.com (like the ones in this pic). So, girl, I know this time of year you might be feeling frostier than a chocolate shake from Wendy’s every time you wear a drafty dress. But baby, why don’t you get a leg up on hotness this winter with these totally sweet tights that’ll turn your stems into walking works of art?
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