What Do You REALLY Want For Christmas This Year?

A garden center in the U.K. is apologizing today for a very un-PC brochure they reportedly sent to about 900,000 homes recently. An ad in the brochure suggested that men “Make her feel special with a clothesline this Christmas,” prompting some women to criticize the store for its old-school sale tactics. Margaret Green, from a women’s equality group in England, told The Daily Telegraph that the advertisement was an “insult,” saying: “I feel for any man that follows the brochure’s advice because I don’t think a clothesline is going to make anyone feel special. A gift like this is so unromantic and useless it is likely to create a frosty atmosphere in some households on Christmas day.” Well, we can’t have frosty atmospheres on Christmas day, can we? Although, on second thought, isn’t that kind of what everyone’s wishing for when they sing about dreaming of a white Christmas? Anyway, frost or not, we can’t have guys thinking we all want lightweight aluminum clotheslines for the holidays, so let’s spill it: What’s on your wish list this year and what can your significant other do to make you feel special? [via BuzzFeed]